World premiere of pikokosmos =› millikosmos is conducted by Horváth and performed by THReNSeMBLe at the Kleiner Saal of Tonhalle in Zürich in 2017, June. The soloist of pikokosmos =› millikosmos will be the tuba virtuoso, Roland Szentpáli.

You can hear again BEAN performed by Gábor Palotás at FUGA (Centrifuga concerts) on June 18, 2017.

La continuitá interrotta receives its Italian premiere on June 18 in Udine, at Risuonanze 2017. The preformers are Tommaso Bisiak and Reana De Luca.

Dualith will be performed on Aptil 23 in Taipei at the Taiwan International Music Festival performed by the Festival Ensemble, conducted by Lin Liao.

Duo SeRa (Erzsébet Seleljo – A-sax., Razvaljajeva Anasztázia – hf.) will perform the premiere of approximately 10 composed in the memory of Péter Esterházy. The concert takes playce at FUGA, Budapest on Febr. 26, 2017 - (Encounters 4.0)

Broken con(sor)tinuity is premiered in Budapest on January 7, 2017 by the fantastic Greek ARTéfacts ensemble that has played the pieces in Europe three times. This performance is organized by the Átlátszó Hang Újzenei Fesztivál (Transparent Sound New Music Festival).

Péter Tornyai and Balázs Horváth performes their pieces on May 24 at Hermina Galery in Budapesten.

60+40 - Concert for the 60th birthday of László TIHANYI and 40th of Balázs HORVÁTH at BMC on May 3, 2016. Premieres conducted by the composers and performed by Ditta Rohmann, Péter Bársony, Gábor Palotás and THReNSeMBLe.

Fragmenti «Ja gulyala veselo» is performed again. This time the piece has its Korean premiere at Tongyeong Concert Hall as part of ISCM World Music Days, 2016 on March 30. The performers are the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble.

The international group of VENI Academy and Marian Lejava conductor will perform Poème Canonique – Trgll at the Radio_Head Awards festival in Bratislava on March 12, 2016.