MAGNETS IVa (round and round) was not performed for more than 10 years. Now the ensmeble of the Hungarian National Philharmonic plays it at its Gin-tonic series on Febr. 18, 2019 at Garden Bazaar.

Divergent is performed again by the fantastic Modern Art Orchestra and Kornél Fekete-Kovács at BMC on 20/01/2019. The piece conducted by the composer is also heard on the CD of the orchestra. This event is the presentation of the album.

Premieres by Horváth in the end of the year: PLAYLIST für meine Reise nach Gera, 2018 is performed at the Stadtheater, Gera in Germany (Nov. 18). Nata, Son composed for and played by Péter Bársony Péter and Tihamér Hlavacsek on 4th of December in Budapest and MAGNETS III (continued) with Anima Musicae String Orchestra on November 29. And you can listen to Ágnes Herczku and the THReNSeMBLe in Férfiszemmel / Női szemmel conducted by Horváth (A Harmadik Hely, Dec. 06).

Wannabe for big band is premiered by the phenomenal Modern Art Orchestra, cond. by Kornél Fekete-Kovács at BMC as part of the Átlátszó Hang Újzenei Fesztivál (Transparent Sound Festival) on January 21, 2018.

Balázs Horváth conducts Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra and the THReNSeMBLe at K11 Gallery in Budapest on December 07. The program consists of the world premiere of Tektonic by Horváth, Hot Sonate by Schulhoff (soloist: Péter Bársony), The Unanswered Question by Ives and Lullaby by Gershwin.

Some more world premieres by Horváth this year: (untitled) is performed by Marimbiano duo in Szombathely on November 22 and character is premiered by Éva Polgár on October 26 in the USA.