Composers about composers (Balázs Horváth introduces Dai Fujikura). Posted by Universal Music Publishing, 14 May 2015.

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A beatbox technika megjelenése Werkmusik című kompozíciómban (The beatboxing technic in my composition entitled Werkmusik). Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest, 2013.

Bevezetés a zenei informatikába – Introduction to Music Information (Balázs Horváth–Andrea Szigetvári, 2013 – in Hungarian.) Pudlished by the University of Applied Sciences, Budapest.

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Spatial aspects of composition (Shortened version of Horváth's DLA dissertation. Exists both in Hungairan and English. Transl. by Brian McLean). In: Space, time, tradition – Studies undertaken at the Doctoral School of the Budapest Liszt Academy. Ed. by Péter Bozó. Rózsavölgyi és társa, Budapest, 2013.

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DLA Dissertation - only in Hungarian (see Abstract in English on page 3) (2005):
The types of the spatial music in the music hystory of the second half of the 20th century; the presence of the musical space in the composition (241 pages, 41,7 MB)
Copyright Balázs HORVÁTH, 2005

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Report about the "Budapest-New York" Twin Concerts - in English (October 20 to November 1, 2004):
Composition students hold a concert in New York. In: HANGJEGY-zet (Musical NOTES), 2005, Winter, Friends of the Franz Liszt Music Academy, Budapest (2 pages, 44 kB)

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Report about Péter Eötvös 's and Karlheinz Stockhausen' seminar on Stockhausen Hymnen - in English (September 2000):
Stockhausen seminar given by Péter Eötvös (Hilversum/Amsterdam. Sept 22-30, 2000) In: HANGJEGY-zet (Musical NOTES), 2000-2001, Winter, Friends of the Franz Liszt Music Academy, Budapest
(2 pages, 2,67 MB)

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